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Taco Cat | June 23rd, 2022
Good night Taco Cat. You were one of our longer adult cats in the program that just couldn’t catch a break no matter how hard we tried. However, you made us all laugh with your antics, your foster mom loved you no matter how gross your skin got, even Nintendo liked you. Which says a lot. I hope you are much happier and finally comfortable again. Line to reincarnation is to the right buddy.

Butterscotch | 2022
Butterscotch, died peacefully in his sleep at home and had severe flat chest syndrome along with hind limb paresis

Dog Gone Days - Tilly | August 24th, 2021

Once every so often we have a dog join our foundation, and Tilly was our dog of 2021. 

Born with hydrocephalus and a ridiculously large fontanelle, she needed the extra care and medical support that the local rescues and shelters couldn’t provide, so they reached out to us. We saw multiple neurologists and advanced imaging and was told she was not a candidate for shunts that can normally be placed in these cases. That meant we had to focus on her Quality of Life every day. Every day you get to be a dog. Enjoy the sun, play with toys, be part of the pack and be loved. Tilly never learned the basics, such as being house-broken, but she did know who loved her and knew how to play.

Tilly had many adventures in her short life. From going to New York with Eggbert and me to visit family, shopping with Kim, and having her special Cat-Eared helmet made by Bionic Pets (https://bionicpets.org/products/custom-cranial-helmet), she lived life to the fullest. She went into her foster-to-adopt home with Azi, who’s mother was also battling her own medical issues, and Tilly was there as the support puppy for everyone in the home. She made life wonderful for everyone. Azi’s mother recently passed, and Tilly once again was the fur to cry into and the smile Azi needed. 

Unfortunately, Tilly’s medical condition caught up with her. On August 24th, Azi held Tilly one last time at home and let her peacefully pass away surrounded by friends and family. 

Thank you for the continued support with these cases. Without you, we cannot give them an enjoyable life, get the love they deserve, and a family to be a part of. Even if it's just for a short time.

Unfortunate News - FIONA | 6/16/2020 

The CGMFF is sad to announce the sudden passing of our “Fiona” while fighting a short illness. She was an amazing member of Team Scratch N’ Dent and will be greatly missed by everyone. She is survived by her foster family the Truby’s and her feline friends, Carina, Gytha, Ella, Nessie and her foster cat dad, Yoda.  She was adopted and was ready to head to her new home when she suddenly fell ill. Unfortunately this can happen, but we are glad she was still with us so we can care for her before leaving. 

Each cat that passes, we have a necropsy performed. This helps us understand where we went wrong in our care plans and why their illness was not matching up to what our diagnostic results were. With answers, we are able to treat other cats with these symptoms and labs on the next cat so we are able to start treatment much earlier in hopes we can save the next one.

Fiona - your wings were ready, but our hearts were not.

In Memoriam of Mort - A tribute from Tracey

"The irony of Mort's name didn't go unnoticed. Named after a character called 'the apprentice to death,' (such a great name, Ellen!) it was quite fitting that he came into my home as I am a gravestone carver. Mort not only became part of my fur family he became a forever lasting love! Knowing he was a "scratch n' dent" kitten I was still quite shocked at how quickly he started to decline. FIP took him only 4 weeks, a shock to everyone. Mort taught me so much in so little time. He showed me how important the process is to acknowledge death, to mark a love ones passing, and mostly, remember how to live! I can't thank the Chris Griffey Memorial Fund enough for all the love and care you bring to the cat and kitten world. Thank you with all my heart!"

"The wizards, such of them who were still on their feet and conscious, were rather surprised to see that Death was wearing an apron and holding a small kitten.” - Mort, as quoted in the Discworld book series by Terry Pratchett.