Meet Flora


Flora came to us as a transfer from the PG County Shelter during Thanksgiving week in hopes the CGMFF could provide her with the medical care she desperately needed. Not only did Flora have a condition called “eyelid agenesis”, where the body fails to develop full eyelids, she was extremely malnourished and emaciated. She was a perfect candidate for our program and was welcomed as a new member of Team “Scratch N’ Dent.”

Flora proved to be quite a handful with the care she needed. Not only did she have eye issues that had to be addressed, she was also emaciated to the point we needed to place a naso-gastric feeding tube in as she was too weak to eat on her own. Her blood protein was so low we needed to provide her with a small blood transfusion.

As the week progressed, she began to respond to all of our treatments that included better nutrition, antibiotics, IV fluids, and a few doses of steroids.

A week later, Flora has put on a half a pound. This is excellent progress from where she started. She has also begun to play and act curious about the world around her. She is becoming a cat again! We still have more work to do in regards to taking care of the eyelashes that brush against her corneas and making sure she gets all of her necessary kitten vaccines and spayed before adoption. Your generosity with donations to the CGMFF makes all that medical care possible, and we are grateful for every donation no matter how big or small.

You can follow her progress on Ellen’s Instagram @thecatlvt